The Winterset Veterinary Center works with the city of Winterset to help lost pets find their owners. If no owners are found, we put the pet(s) up for adoption and give them a new start in life. Nothing makes us happier than finding a good match for each and everyone of the unclaimed pets.

At any given time we may have purebred and/or mixed breed dogs of all sizes and ages looking for good homes. To encourage adoptions, the Winterset Veterinary Center gives 25% discounts on all required services and products needed to begin a lifetime of health and happiness with your new pet.

When we have pets to be claimed or up for adoption,
they will be added here:

This dog was lost,
but now has been found. Thanks!
Interested in adoption?
This dog has been sent to AHeinz 57 in DeSoto to look for his forever family. If interested in adoption, please contact them.
This neutered male dog is available for adoption.
If you are interested, he can be seen at Heinz57 in DeSoto.


Please contact us if you have any questions.