January: National Train Your Dog Month

Sometime in the last decade (just had to say that), the Association of Pet Dog Trainers started a movement to make January a month to celebrate our furry friends and the fun that can be had when spending time training them.

Dogs and owners that take the time to go seek assistance with everything from basic puppy behaviors to general obedience commands are much more content with their pets on the average. Training pets has shown to bond the owners and pets at a deeper level and assures a longer life within their homes. The number of pets in shelters that are trained is low. Those pets with manners are more likely to live out their natural life with owners that invest in training.

Happy Acres, north of town, is just beginning its new schedule for 2020. They have a number of options to offer to new pet owners and existing pet owners. There are classes for general obedience. There are classes for nose work or tricks. There are classes to help start your new puppy off right. As an owner you may learn more than your furry friend attending these classes. Visit www.HappyAcresDog.com to get more information.

Kawa Farms also trains Southwest of Winterset and has a number of opportunities to help your furry friends be more comfortable in their surroundings. They have a website to share all their upcoming opportunities at www.kawafarms.com.

If your schedule or your finances do not permit you to take your furry friends to class, this link has some fun ways to work with your pets at home teaching them tricks. Tricks are fun for everyone and can be a great way to get your furry friends to learn to watch you. Here is a link that you can follow to teach your furry friend some fun tricks. Amaze your friends and family, maybe even yourself!

With the increasing number of people traveling with emotional support pets training is extremely necessary. We see people wanting to have an emotional support pet and their pet is fearful around new people or new situations. You cannot expect a dog or cat to love to fly if they have never been exposed to those environments. Emotional support pets are not allowed the same privileges that are granted to service dogs. This is important to remember.  An emotional support pet needs to have a certificate from a Human Doctor or Therapist. This is not anything that we as veterinarians can authorize.

Therapy dogs and cats are trained to visit nursing homes, schools, airports, trauma locations or disaster areas to ease stresses and fears in people. The training they undergo to be labeled as therapy dogs and cats is extensive.  These pets do not have the same privileges as service dogs either. A good place to start if you are wanting to have a therapy dog is taking a Canine Good Citizen training course and see how both of you do. If you are unable to pass that test, then becoming a therapy dog is probably not in the cards. Therapy pets need to be extremely calm and well mannered. Just loving people is not enough.

Service puppies are started with their specialized training at 8 weeks of age. They undergo daily experiences to help prepare them for their future as a service dog. I wish I could tell you exactly how many puppies fail these service dog programs for one reason or another, but the percentages are high. Adopting or purchasing a puppy or dog from someone to train it yourself to become a service dog is extremely risky. You may end up with a very expensive pet. It is best to apply to receive a service dog from an organization that devotes their time and resources to training dogs to assist humans in their daily lives.

Whatever January temperatures bring to the table, you can be certain that our pets will be excited to spend quality time with us while we wait for signs of spring. Start training today so by the time the warm weather returns we can all get out and enjoy the great outdoors with our trained furry friends. Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from Winterset Veterinary Center

To all of our valued customers, the staff at the Winterset Veterinary Center wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year. Customers like you are the reason that we have a business, and we strive to work hard to earn your trust, keep your trust, and provide the best medical care for your animals. From our families to yours, wishing you all the best!


In 2008 when we first launched our website we knew we needed to have a presence on the web. We hired a company that walked us through the process and a very basic site was born. Then in 2015 we started working with Julie Feirer of Winterset Websites, and she continues to help us keep it up to date. Just recently we updated some of the photos and pages on our website and I would like to direct you to it so you know what is available there.

Our home page has a referral coupon that we would love to see printed off and brought in more often. Many of you refer family and friends and this is the highest compliment we can receive. We would love to reward not only the new client but also the person who referred them with $15 credit to their account. We ask that you print off the coupon and have the new client present it at their first appointment. 

We also advertise our online store, Covetrus, on the home page. You can access the store right from our website if interested. They offer coupons and specials at certain times of the year. If we have your email address you will be made aware of those special promotions by email. The store offers medications, diets, supplements, and many other items. Please check it out if you have not visited Covetrus before.

Current Specials can be new products with rebates or information about items that are currently in season. This can change from time to time so be certain to look for any new and upcoming products that will help keep your furry friends healthy.

Care Credit is a financing company that offers payment plans for large hospitalization or treatment bills. Applications can be submitted and funds used the same day if you qualify.

Of course you can access all the blogs that have been posted since 2016 from the website. There is a search box if you are interested in a certain topic.

We have included the standard map and contact information if you are new to the area or Winterset Veterinary Center. 

We recently added a staff biography page to include the current staff at Winterset Veterinary Center. Take a look at these bios to learn more about each of the team members.

Our small animal and large animal pages have photos and a list of the services available for our clients and their animals. We updated some of the photos recently and will continue to look for opportunities to show what we do here on a daily basis.

The grooming/boarding page shows Anabel doing what she does best. She is in high demand for her expertise in grooming. We encourage people to set appointments early since she is booked up months in advance. I believe we are currently booking her grooms for late January early February. 

The last page we have is for resources. We want to make it easy for people to find out information about the diets we sell. We have a trusted site for people looking for more medical information about a condition their pet has. We have a link to a Rabies Resource Manual. With the number of dog bites reported each year this information may be helpful to know what steps must be taken to secure the safety of the person bitten. We have linked our pages to this blog so you can easily access the site if you are interested in visiting our website. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

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